The fastest way to build a rapidly growing makeup business, without years of experience! 

This Program is designed to take the guesswork out of starting your makeup business, whether you’re a newbie, or looking to market, launch and scale your career

  • Makeup, Marketing & Monetizing
  • ​8 Intensive Modules 
  • Online Lifetime Access 
  • ​Makeup Certification
  • ​Pro Discounts of 40% off w/ M.A.C Cosmetics & Makeup Forever 
    All images are Julia's work and/or work that Julia has been the assistant makeup artist. All professional red carpet images from Getty Images.

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Have you been dreaming of.....

Becoming a makeup artist and growing your beauty biz, but you don't know where to start?

You want to exponentially grow your income

....and figure out the exact proven tactic that celebrity makeup artists, and successful beauty business owners are doing to scale their brand?

If that's you, then this will be the most important step you can take for yourself and your business...

Here's why girl:

I'll show you the fastest and most profitable way to scale your beauty brand. Nail every look you do from now on with my easy to follow makeup tutorials, and grow an insanely high converting makeup business that is PROVEN to bring in more income;

 Faster, easier, and while you SLEEP!

If you don't start marketing your biz, you will forever be in a burn out cycle, searching for your next client and never truly becoming financially free, with money or life! 

"I want to be the type of woman who helps other women see that if I can do it, they sure as heck can too."

I've mastered the art of running my makeup business and scaled my brand through Instagram (no you don't need thousands of followers, you just need to nail your marketing message). And, I've also locked in the process of REVENUE ON REPEAT through landing regular makeup opportunities, attracting clients, and automating my sales process. (Sis, I'm spilling ALL of the tea!)


⚡️ You are Ready to DITCH the 9-5.

⚡️ You've been in the biz for awhile but can't seem to have enough cashflow for consistent income.

⚡️ You are looking to up your game and take your biz to the next level. Work smarter, not harder.

⚡️ You maybe have clients, but you're exhausted and brunt out. You want to automate your process.

⚡️ You want to become the best Makeup Artist in your area, but you're struggling with direction.

⚡️ You want to tune in on your skills and master your social media presence.


🚫  You are looking for a quick fix 

🚫  You're not 100% committed to do the work

🚫  You aren't ready to step into your craft 

🚫  You want to continue working for someone else's dreams 


You are finally free of your 9-5, you have a clear plan to scale your business and you are doing it! You not only are financially free, but you are killing your OWN business. You get to decide your schedule, the jobs you want to pursue,  and how little or how much you want to work. You have MADE IT!

You aren't chasing clients, you are attracting them. You've learned how to leverage social media and nail down your marketing message. Clients are flocking to you.

You are making more money then you ever thought was possible. You are not only a successful makeup artist, but a successful business babe. You have leveraged different offers so you can make passive income all year round *while you sleep*. 

You have nailed your skills, perfected your craft and are a master makeup artist. You are so confident and can take on any makeup look. You are stepping into the big time and are making your way into the industry through pitching yourself and rocking on socials. 


  • Key Makeup Artist for Avril Lavigne. Events include red carpets, photoshoots, music videos & going on tour
  • ​Worked major award shows such as The Grammy's, SNL, AMA's & VMA's with Celebrity Makeup Artist Alexx Mayo & Lizzo  
  • ​Worked and Modelled for Makeup By Mario 
  • ​Year-Long Partnership with Burberry Beauty as their Canadian Makeup Ambassador 
  • Ongoing Partnership with CBC Life 
  • ​8+ Years of Hair & Makeup Experience 
  • ​4+ Years  Professional Social Media Experience
  • ​ 4+ Years Education Academy -> teaching beauty artists how to create a profitable career  
  • ​Over 150+ sponsored social media campaigns 
  • Built a multi 6-figure beauty biz

I started this all while living in a small town with less than 500 people. I didn't have a silver spoon handed to me, I had zero connections... I truly started from SCRATCH! 
Which means... YOU CAN TOO! 

JOIN ME NOW! 🙋🏼‍♀️⏰

Click 'enrol now' to  become a Certified Makeup Artist, launch & monetize your brand, plus get Pro Discounts of 40% off with M.A.C Cosmetics & Makeup Forever 



Learn all the fundamentals of makeup artistry and social media to jump-start your career in the beauty industry. This course will cover makeup techniques and methods, along with social media theory and strategies that will equip you to become a working Professional Makeup Artist. Receive a certificate of completion upon graduation.

Enrol in the Makeup + Monetize Certification Program and get INSTANT access to 8 extensive modules. Log into our online portal from your phone, tablet or computer. Learn anywhere, anytime, and go at your own pace. Receive hours of training tutorials to gear you up for success in the beauty industry. Receive online editable templates, and our brand new digital makeup manual.

  This program is great for boss babes looking to start a career in the world of beauty, or if you are looking to tune up your skills, launch and scale your brand, and learn the marketing strategies to attract clients and automate your sales process.  

Once you have finished all of your lessons, assignments, and quizzes, you will be fully certified by Julia Dantas Beauty Academy (BBB accredited).

You will also unlock your PRO discounts of 40% off with our partners Mac Cosmetics & Makeup Forever, and you will receive a digital certification of completion upon graduation. (Hardcopy available upon upgrade)

  • Get INSTANT access to our online educational platform 
  • ​Master the BEST makeup looks in the industry with 8 in-depth high quality training tutorials 
  • ​Launch and SCALE your beauty business with my beauty blueprint
  • Save time working IN your brand with my online editable templates 
  • ​The Biz Behind The Beauty manual digital download
  • Negotiating skills to land HUGE contracts with big brands 
  • ​Access to our private Facebook group
  • ​Master marketing and funnel processes, and automations 
  • ​Map out your beauty pipeline so you can make money on repeat 
  • ​Grow your brand identity with our secret client attraction formula 
  • ​Build and launch your website, along with your brand mission 
  • ​Get LIFETIME access 
  • Skincare & Colour Correction 
  • ​Airbrush Foundation Demo 
  • ​Sunkissed Makeup 
  • Hollywood Bridal Makeup
  • Modern Day Smokey Eye
  • ​Dramatic Smokey Eye 
  • ​Halo-Eye Makeup 
  • ​Cut Crease Makeup 
  • ​Mature Skin Makeup 
  • ​Identifying your Niche
  • Logos & Promo Posters Explained
  • Influencer Strategies
  • ​Pitching for Perfection
  • ​Video Production
  • ​Building a Website - DETAILED breakdown
  • ​Audience Attraction 
  • ​Build your Email List 0-1,000 
  • ​Creating your Freebie Offer 
  • ​Ads 101 
  • ​Mastering Copywriting Skills 
  • ​Taxes & Finances 
  • ​Action Plan & Mindset 
I'm holding YOU accountable... 
Before you enrol... you should know: 

In this class I have outlined my EXACT strategies to scale your beauty brand to a multi 6-figure business. I'll teach you how to connect with celebrities and brands, reach out and nail that pitch, and bring in new sources of revenue to your biz. 

But the truth is, being successful is NOT a walk in the park. And the ONLY way you will see results is if you show up and do the work.

Let's get real. This is me most of the time. It's not always rainbows and butterflies. But I do know HOW to make money in the beauty industry and have clients coming back over and over again.

If you're looking for a 'get rich quick' situation, this is NOT the course for you...

But if you are ready to learn, have a mindset shift, and step into your BOSS BABE BEAUTY POWER, then let's do this thanngg! 💖🙋🏼‍♀️
"It's an investment that's going to make you money, but also going to save you money"
- Jocelyn 
"I will be making a 6-figure income in makeup artistry. I owe everything to Julia. If you want your dreams to come true, this is the course to take"
- Victoria 
"By the time I graduated from this course, I already had my brand identity, my website, my logo, my business cards, my 5-6 month plan of how to get my biz started"
- Dina
"There was no stone left unturned, Julia teaches you everything. Julia is an absolute makeup mogul, and a genius entrepreneur"   
- Emily
"Julia Dantas Beauty Academy was the best decision I've ever made. Not only for myself and as a makeup artist, but as an entrepreneur and a young business owner"
- Char
"I am three times certified by Julia. And let me tell you, there is a reason I keep coming back for more. Julia goes above and beyond your highest expectations" 
- Shay
"Absolutely loved the course, big bang for your buck, and information that will last a lifetime"
- Katrina 
Value Price: $12,000
Become a Certified Makeup Artist, and 
Monetize 💸 your Beauty Biz...
$1497! TAX INCLUDED! 🚨
Okay, so here's the deal....

Love it or your moolah back! I am so confident that you will value and LOVE this program. 
But hey, if you don't, no sweat! 

For the first 14 days, we offer a money-back guarantee! That's how confident I am that you'll love this! 

So, are you ready to take a leap of faith? 

You could either think about becoming the next big boss babe in the beauty industry or actually act on it... and I would love to help you with that process. 


Your heart says go, but your brain says no!


I hear you, I love a hands on experience as well. The great benefit of this course is you can totally go at your own pase, learn after your kids are asleep or on your lunches during school. You can learn from the beach or the comfortable of your bedroom. Our in-depth tutorials will give you a full 360 look into the industry and you'll be blown away with the detail of this program. It also feels like a community! Our students connect and network in our facebook group all the time! 


Well, you will be after this 8 week course! Hehe. You have to start somewhere, and that's why not only have I provide extensive marketing modules, you will also get 8 training makeup tutorials and theory lessons so you can perfect your craft and blow your clients away. 


This is so much more than just a makeup course. This is a full brand overhall. You will leave this program feeling so confident, refined in your craft, have a detailed brand strategy, and be able to not only get clients, but also scale your business through the power of marketing.  


Okay, I get it. But have you been guided with a mentor that has trained over 1000 students globally? I am here to guide you 100% through the way to become the best version of yourself you can me. You may already be an incredible makeup artist, but without the right marketing tools - how will anyone know WHO you are or WHERE to find you? That's where I come in.... 


Hey..... we aren't tech gods but we have made this program as easy to follow as possible with my meticulous training videos, and step by step instructions to follow along. If you ever need help we are here to support you always! 

Our Rockstar Students! 🎉 🙌🏼
In case you're like me and just skip to the end, let me fill you in...

If you're ready to seriously step up your game, explode your beauty biz with stretegic marketing, monetize your biz so that you can ditch that 9-5, and of course master the craft of makeup... then my Makeup + Monatize Certification Program is for you! 🎉

Here's the tea: ☕️

➡️ You're looking to take control of your life and start bringing in MONEY HONEY. You want to learn makeup AND business.

➡️ You want to receive a Makeup Certification, plus PRO discounts of 40% off with Mac Cosmetics & Makeup Forever. 

➡️ Learn mindset and success strategies that will help you break free from limiting beliefs and create your dream life.

➡️ Learn the fundamentals of makeup artistry & social media.

➡️ Get INSTANT access to 9 in-depth theory lessons and 8 high-quality makeup training tutorials.

➡️ Get access to our Facebook community.

➡️ Receive makeup & social media templates.

➡️ Receive a digital Makeup certification.

14-DAY Money BACK Guarentee! 

SPECIAL BONUS OFFER! If you join for the one time payment of $997, you'll get 4 additional training classes with industry experts. ALL for free! 

The choice is yours... boss babe! 

Let's take back control of your life... now SHOW UP for yourself! 


Julia Dantas

FAQ 👇🏼

What is the Makeup & Monetize Certification Program?

This is a 8-week Makeup & Marketing program designed to certify you as a makeup artist, as well as teach you exactly how to grow, launch and scale your business using marketing tactics. 

When does it start?

The great thing about this course is you can start it today! Julia will be in our private facebook group to answer questions and help support you. And you can start learning from our online members only site! 

Will I be certified after this program?

You will be certified by Julia Dantas Beauty Academy. We are a BBB Accredited Business. 

Is this a tax write-off?

Yes! You can write the cost of this course off against your taxes (meaning, it's kind of like you get it for free). But we will spill the tea on this during out tax lessons! 

Can I enrol from another country?

Totally, we encourage it! We have students that have joined from all over the world. 

Will I get Pro Discounts?

Yes! You will get pro discounts of 40% off with M.A.C. Cosmetics & Makeup Forever - only valid for Canadian & American students. 

How much work is involved?

If you are determined to complete this within the 8 weeks, you should give yourself 4-6 hours a week to watch your lessons and complete your assignments. Although you have this for life, so there really is no rush! 

What is the cost? 

The cost is $1497USD. Or  you can pay 3 easy payments of $532 over 3 months.

Can I get a refund?

We 100% believe the methods work, but only if the YOU are committed to the process! Nevertheless, we offer a conditional 14-day refund. 
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