The ultimate guide for boss babes in the beauty industry. Learn makeup, business strategies, and how to transform your passion into a full-time job.
This Digital Manual is the ultimate guide for ... 
Makeup Lovers and Business Junkies that are seeking new ways to 
move the needle in their biz!
  • Finalist on Kim Kardashian's TV Show 'Glam Masters' 
  • ​Worked major award shows such as The Grammy's, SNL, AMA's & VMA's with Celebrity Makeup Artist Alexx Mayo & Lizzo  
  • ​Worked and Modelled for Makeup By Mario 
  • ​Year-Long Partnership with Burberry Beauty as their Canadian Makeup Ambassador 
  • Ongoing Partnership with CBC Life 
  • ​6+ Years of Hair & Makeup Experience 
  • ​4+ Years  Professional Social Media Experience
  • ​ 4+ Years Education Academy -> teaching beauty artists how to have a profitable career  
  • ​Over 100+ sponsored social media campaigns 
  • Built a multi 6-figure beauty biz
  • ​Currently on tour with Avril Lavigne has her Key Makeup Artist 

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Top 4 things you will take away from this manual:

Back to the Basics 

Learn all my techniques from colour theory, finding your undertone, proper sanitation, brush care, face shape exercises, understanding eye shapes & more! 

Running your Empire

Learn a step-by-step guide on how to implement all my tips for social media success! From lighting, your Instagram bio, to building your following & more! 

Perfecting the Look

Master the art of makeup. Learn all of my tips and tricks for slaying your makeup. What works best for mature skin, my fave products, industry secret techniques and so much more! 

Making Money Moves

Learn my top tips for growing your email list, building free offers, and marketing yourself and your biz! These are proven tactics that actually CONVERT! 

Here is a Glimpse of What's Inside 

  • SANITATION 101: Best practices for makeup artists
  • How to prep different types of skin tones and textures
  • Understanding the importance that makeup is not a one size (or technique in this case) fits all. And mastering different looks for different face/eye shapes.
  • Pitching for a Job or Potential Client, and what key elements you should include to have a great result 
  • ​Do what works, “Don’t reinvent the wheel”
  • ​Get to know your client or brand in order to execute a vision properly
  • Don’t let the idea of perfection stop you - you just have to START! 
  • ​Steps for converting followers into email subscribers
  • ​Understanding how to take quality photos
  • Key Instagram Strategies - it's more than just 'eye candy' 
  • Brand Partnership advice and proven methods 
  • Negotiating skills to land big contracts
  • Create a plan of action for your business, don’t just go day by day.
  • Let's talk all about rates, and what you should be charging 
  • ​Creating and providing well-rounded client contracts 
  • ​How to work with high-profile celebrity clients, and get booked over and over again
  • ​Landing gigs and creating mood boards to present your work
  • All about finances - “Make your passion a paycheque and you’ll never have to work another day in your life”
  • ​What you CAN write off & how to maximize your write-offs
  • How to move forward and not get stuck in the small details, and create an action plan
  • ​Find out where to focus your time and energy to 'move the needle'
  • Run your business with confidence, and start bringing in new types of income
  • ​How to leverage your social media platforms and blow up your brand - without having thousands of followers.
  • ​How to attract clients and make a profitable income 
  • ​How to change your mindset to attract everything you desire in life, and become unstoppable! 
But First, Let's Drop the B.S. 🚫
Before you buy this... you should know: 

In my makeup manual I have outlined my exact strategies for success. What I've personally been doing to scale my brand, master the craft of makeup and turn my passion into a multi six-figure career.

But the truth is, being successful takes hard work, passion, determination and drive

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Bonus 3: My Top 5 Tips for Becoming a PRO 
Learn my KEY tips for starting out in the beauty industry! If you aren't doing these 5 things yet, YOU NEED TO! I'm going to walk you through what is a MUST, and what you can skip. 

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