Become a Certified Makeup Artist, 
without  leaving your house!  

This offer expires soon! 

Hey Girl,

If 2020 taught me anything, it was that I hate NOT being in control. I watched my friends lose jobs, struggle to make ends meet, and have no control over their income. And I absolutely HATE seeing this. 

If you're reading this, it means you're ready for MORE. You're likely a 9-5er, makeup artist, beauty lover, or even beauty influencer, but you haven't yet cracked the code. You want to exponentially grow your income and figure out the exact proven tactic that celebrity makeup artists are doing to scale their brands... 

If that's you, this will be the most important step you can take for yourself and your business...

Here's why babe;

I'll show you the most profitable and fastest way to scale your beauty brand. Nail every look you do from now on with my easy to follow makeup tutorials, and grow an insanely high converting makeup business that is PROVEN to bring in more income! 

"I want to be the type of woman who helps other women see that if I can do it, they sure as heck can too."

I've mastered the art of running my makeup business and scaled my brand through Instagram (no you don't need thousands of followers, you just need to nail your marketing message). And, I've got continuous revenue through landing regular makeup opportunities

I have mastered the art of makeup marketing, and I want to share it with you! 

  • Finalist on Kim Kardashian's TV Show 'Glam Masters' 
  • ​Worked major award shows such as The Grammy's, SNL, AMA's & VMA's with Celebrity Makeup Artist Alexx Mayo & Lizzo  
  • ​Worked and Modelled for Makeup By Mario 
  • ​Year-Long Partnership with Burberry Beauty as their Canadian Makeup Ambassador 
  • Ongoing Partnership with CBC Life 
  • ​6+ Years of Hair & Makeup Experience 
  • ​4+ Years  Professional Social Media Experience
  • ​ 2+ Years Education Academy -> teaching beauty artists how to create a profitable career  
  • ​Over 100+ sponsored social media campaigns 
  • Built a multi 6-figure beauty biz

This course is unlike any other makeup certification course! Here's why...

Accredited Certification

Julia Dantas Beauty Academy is an accredited Academy through the Better Business Bureau. You can become a fully certified makeup artist without leaving your house. This course is also a write-off against your taxes. Lastly, all of my students get perks such as PRO discounts of 40% off with Makeup Forever and Mac Cosmetics -- woohooo! 

Live Coaching 

Learn with me LIVE every week for 8 weeks. I'll take you through a 2-hour detailed class every Wednesday, teaching a new lesson on the business of beauty. From social media, making more sales, makeup theory and even mindset lessons. You'll also learn my top tips for growing your email list, building free offers, and marketing yourself and your biz! These are proven tactics that actually CONVERT! These tips have helped hundreds of artists grow their brands and bring in more money. 

Perfecting the Look

Learn all of my pro techniques! From colour theory, finding your undertone, proper sanitation, brush care, face shape exercises, understanding eye shapes & more! Master the art of makeup through all of my tips and tricks for slaying any look. I go over what works best for mature skin, my fave products, industry secret techniques, and so much more! 

Anywhere, Anytime!

Learn anywhere, anytime! If you have a busy schedule, or you like learning from the comfort of your own home, then this course is for you! Skeptical? We get it! Online learning can be something different to wrap your head around, but it's also the best way to learn at your own pace. You can complete and submit assignments each week when you've got the time. I'm making it as easy as possible for you to keep up with, while also balancing everything else in your life.
Just imagine how your life would change 
If you knew how to properly master the art of makeup AND business...
Here's what's included in the Master Course:
  • Learn the basics: Sanitation 101 and best practices for makeup artists, prepping different skin tones and textures
  • Access to 8 IN-DEPTH and high-quality tutorials breaking down every single step on each look and technique
  • ​8 LIVE TRAINING Sessions: Two-hour theory classes weekly, get your questions answered on the spot (replays available)
  • Weekly Assignments and Quizzes to test your knowledge
  • CUSTOM Templates to save you time
  • Learning in-depth information on different skin tones, eye-shapes and face shapes.
  • How to run and grow a successful business
  • ​How to pitch yourself to both clients and brands: where to find clients and how to network
  • ​How to create a professional media kit
  • ​Learn how to create your personal brand and market yourself: creating a logo, poster, website, portfolio, and more!
  • ​Get to know your client or brand in order to execute a vision properly
  • ​How to get started: not letting the idea of perfection stop you
  • ​Steps for converting followers into email subscribers
  • ​Understanding how to take quality photos
  • Instagram growth strategies - it's more than just 'eye candy' 
  • Brand partnership advice and proven methods 
  • Negotiating skills to land big contracts
  • ​My personal tips for reaching SUCCESS
  • ​Your 5-6 month plan 
  • How to set your rates and up-sell for higher earning 
  • ​Creating and providing well-rounded client contracts (templates included)
  • ​Learn how to handle different client situations and challenges like an expert
  • ​How to work with high-profile celebrity clients, and get booked over and over again
  • ​Landing gigs and creating mood boards to present your ideas and work
  • All about finances - “Make your passion a paycheque and you’ll never have to work another day in your life”
  • ​How to stay organized for taxes & maximize your write-offs
  • ​Find out where to focus your time and energy to 'move the needle'
  • Run your business with confidence, and start bringing in new streams of income
  • ​How to leverage your social media platforms and blow up your brand - without having thousands of followers.
  • ​How to attract clients and make a profitable income 
  • ​How to change your mindset to attract everything you desire in life, and become unstoppable! 
  • ​Learn from Industry Expert GUEST SPEAKERS
  • ​Get personal feedback and support from myself and my team
  • How to live and plan for your dream life: creating a vision board, affirmations, and your success mindset
  • ​40% off with MAC Cosmetics and Makeup Forever
  • Makeup Certification by Julia Dantas Beauty Academy
  • ​Access to our Facebook Community: connect with like-minded people
I'm holding YOU accountable... 
Before you enrol... you should know: 

In this class I have outlined my EXACT strategies to scale your beauty brand to a multi 6-figure business. I'll teach how to connect with celebrities and brands, reach out and nail that pitch, and bring in new sources of revenue in your biz. 

But the truth is, being successful is NOT a walk in the park. And the ONLY way you will see results, is if you show up and do the work.

Let's get real. This is me most of the time. It's not always rainbows and butterflies. But I do know HOW to make money in the beauty industry and have clients coming back over and over again.

If you're looking for a 'get rich quick' situation, this is NOT the course for you...

But if you are ready to learn, have a mindset shift, and step into your BOSS BABE BEAUTY POWER, then let's do this thanngg! 💖🙋🏼‍♀️
"It's an investment that's going to make you money, but also going to save you money"
- Jocelyn 
"I will be making a 6-figure income in makeup artistry. I owe everything to Julia. If you want your dreams to come true, this is the course to take"
- Victoria 
"By the time I graduated from this course, I already had my brand identity, my website, my logo, my business cards, my 5-6 month plan of how to get my biz started"
- Dina
"There was no stone left unturned, Julia teaches you everything. Julia is an absolute makeup mogul, and a genius entrepreneur"   
- Emily
"Julia Dantas Makeup Academy was the best decision i've ever made. Not only for myself and as a makeup artist. But as a entrepreneur and a young business owner"
- Char
"I am three times certified by Julia. And let me tell you, there is a reason I keep coming back for more. Julia goes above and beyond your highest expectations" 
- Shay
"Absolutely loved the course, big bang for your buck, and information that will last a life time"
- Katrina 
Online Access 🌏✨
Log onto our online portal from your phone, tablet or computer. Learn anywhere, anytime! Watch our pre-recorded makeup lessons, then practice on yourself or a model. Submit your work for feedback from the team. 
Live Coaching & Training 🙋🏼‍♀️
Each week, participate in our live training calls. I'll be doing a full 2-hour class each week FOR TWO MONTHS, diving in deep on a specific topic for marketing your makeup business. I'll also be inviting leading industry experts to join in and answer any questions you may have. 
Taking Action 👩🏼‍💻💸
Once you have finished all of your lessons, assignments, and quizzes, you will be fully certified by Julia Dantas Beauty Academy (BBB Accredited). Your PRO discounts with our partners Mac Cosmetics  & Makeup Forever will also be unlockedBONUS: You get to join our private Facebook community for life-long mentorship and networking with other students.
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doN't miss the boat! 
In case you're like me and just skip to the end, let me fill you in. 

- If you are looking to take control of your life and start bringing in MONEY HONEY, then this course is for you! Learn makeup AND business.

- After graduating you receive an accredited Makeup Certification, plus get pro discounts of 40% with Mac Cosmetics & Makeup Forever.

- Receive my makeup manual, plus makeup templates.

- You get to hangout with me every Wednesday, and join in on our live theory coaching calls. 

- Get access to our slack chat group where we will answer any of your questions and give feedback on your assignments. 

- Get feedback on your makeup looks from Julia 

This is your year girlfriend, now SHOW UP for yourself! 


Julia Dantas

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